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Our Fundraising Approach

Fundraising is about empowering you, not begging … At Trinity our communications and fundraising approach is transactional: we believe we can offer people a chance to take responsibility for their community. We encourage a lifestyle of improvement and self-discovery and we expose people to the reality of homelessness. We believe that it takes the whole community… View Article

Staff from Mondelez volunteer at our day service in Slough

A team from Mondelez, long term supporters of Trinity, sent a team of volunteers to our day service – SHOC, here is their experience: Well, it may not have been that glamourous but it was certainly the most stimulating lunchtime I have had in a while.  I went to a drop in centre for the… View Article

Who Matters?

Picture the scene: you have a job, which you go to every day. You do a good job. One day you’re late, because you weren’t feeling well or your bus was stuck in traffic. Obviously your employer docks your pay, right? Not just for the time you were missing though, for an entire week or… View Article

Charity? This isn’t charity …

Steve tells us why he thinks what we do at Trinity is not actually charitable … It’s estimated the cost of homelessness, mental health treatment, drug and alcohol treatment and the criminal justice system in the UK is upwards of £270 billion annually. This would cancel the entire debt of half the population of the… View Article

Your Country Needs You

No, not in 1914, but now! It is reported that 7,581 people slept rough in London alone in the last year – this is a 16% rise on the previous year and more than double the figure on 3,673 in 2010. Surely, everyone will agree that this is completely unacceptable? The Government should be acting… View Article

Overcrowding – Is This England?

  Let not England forget her precedence of teaching nations how to live  – John Milton In March one of our tenants turned up at the office with his wife and three children asking us to re-house him with his family. Understandably they had worked hard to be reunited together and unbeknown to us our… View Article

Could Kids Company have protected themselves against closure?

  Could Kids Company have protected themselves against closure? If this is about funding then it’s a warning to all other charities … The closure of Kids Company is certainly devastating for those vulnerable and disadvantaged children – whose situation is likely to get worse under the current government – to whom the service was… View Article

System Change

Steve, Trinity CEO, asks what needs to change in the homeless sector in order for us to beat homelessness in our communities … Was I in the wrong room? I was at a national conference discussing the state of the homelessness sector in the UK with professionals in the field; I understood the jargon, most… View Article

How Volunteering Shaped My Career

  Have you considered volunteering? Our Events Manager, Jo, talks about how volunteering has helped her to change her career and find something she’s passionate about … I read an interesting article this weekend which raised the question: ‘When did volunteering start and just helping out end?’ It’s a great question because the phenomenon of… View Article

More Cuts

Steve talks about how we reacted at Trinity when the first round of austerity measures left many charities fighting over the same diminishing funds to run our services.  Never accept the premise of the question. Our most significant question in the last few years was: “Would you like to tender to run the service that you yourselves… View Article

Trust is an earner … I mean trust is earned, right?

How important is trust when you donate to charity? Do you want to know how your money is being spent? Steve Hedley, our CEO, discusses the questions that we should be asking of charities before we donate our time and money. How does a charity earn your trust? Certainly, benefitting from the charity yourself or… View Article

Selling Homelessness – Time for a Celebration?

img source Our CEO, Steve, tells us why celebrating our success – and encouraging the people we work with to do the same, is so important in our work to beat homelessness:  On Facebook last week someone posted this old photo of a delivery man standing outside No. 11 Downing Street with a pallet load of champagne… View Article